Replacement Squirrel (3 Packs)

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Give these squeaky squirrels a squeeze, and you’ll instantly see why dogs dig ‘em. Puzzle Plush® toys work as reverse puzzles. Owners hide the squeaky animal pieces inside the plush base; dogs use their problem-solving skills to sniff them out. By encouraging them to seek and stalk the squeaky prey, our toys provide pups with an outlet for their instinctual behaviors. The removable plush pieces can be hidden again and again for endless enjoyment. And, for even more fun, owners can hide treats and other toys inside the base. No matter how you choose to play, these toys are sure to keep doggie boredom at bay!

  1. Keeps Pets Occupied and Eliminates Boredom
  2. Provides Hide-and-"Squeak" Enrichment
  3. Increases Doggy I.Q. and Problem-Solving Skills