Hear Doggy Flat Skunk

Hear Doggy

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Hear Doggy!®--The ultrasonic toy ONLY YOUR DOG CAN HEAR!

Any pet lover knows that dogs love the sound of a "squeaky" toy, but for people, enduring the high-pitched repetition of annoying squeakers can drive any Pet Parent crazy! HEAR DOGGY! Ultrasonic toys are made with a squeaker that ONLY dogs can hear! Hear Doggy! plush toys give pets all the fun and enjoyment of traditional squeaky toys without the irritating sound for their Pet Parents. Hear Doggy! Stuffed Plush Toys are constructed of super-soft plush that your dog will love. 

Product Dimensions: 13 x 7 x 2 inches  
Weight: 2.4 ounces


The Science Behind Hear Doggy!

Dogs can hear sounds at a higher frequency than humans. Just like a dog whistle, each Hear Doggy! squeaker is tuned to a range out of human hearing, but still fun for our four-legged friends. Your dog hears the squeaker just like a regular toy, but all you’ll hear is a tiny puff of air!