Giselle Wedding Gown



If you are thinking to let your loved one walk with aisle with you on your big day, Giselle may be the one wedding gown that you are looking for, in fact, it is one of our favourite : )

Designed with love, crafted by passion, made with satin inner layer with Thailand Brocade and it came with lovely veil to perfect your gal's look.


Size Chart

S Neck 24cm Chest 27cm Length 24cm

M Neck 28cm Chest 34cm Length 27cm

L Neck 32cm Chest 40cm Length 33cm

XL Neck 34cm Chest 46cm Length 37cm

XXL Neck 36cm Chest 53cm Length 45cm

XXXL Neck 40cm Chest 62cm Length 50cm

XXXXL Neck 48cm Chest 74cm Length 60cm