Bow Pad Disposable Pee Pad (100 Sheets)

Pet Sheet

$17.60 $22.00

Do you have a potty training problem with your puppy? Help is on the way! Bow Pads give you all the ammunition you need to get your confused puppy on the right path.

- Heavy Duty & Super Absorbant
- Scientifically treated to attract puppies & dogs when nature calls

If you are trying to train them to go in the right spot, these work perfectly. Frustrated by your puppy going pee indoors? Not able to stop them? Bow Pads will turn everything around and get them going in the correct place within a couple weeks. No worries about damage to floors and carpets with their strong plastic lining. Train your pet to go outdoors successfully, every time with the Bow Pads.

Bow Pads are for multiple dogs, and are available in three package sizes.

Size : 35 cm x 45 cm