~ Some say online shopping can be frightening, Little Cherry literally shrug it off~

Below are real testimonials by satisfied customers. We're very thankful for the strong support received throughout the years, and will continue to improve our products and services for you, our valued friends.

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Excellent customer experience! And that's the difference between Little Cherry and other online pet store in Singapore. Charles made the extra efforts to ensure we are fully satisfied with the Carrier Bag, he opened up the bag and check before leaving. I'm very happy with the service by Little Cherry, and will surely recommend all my friends to shop here!

~ Sharon W, May'19

I bought three dresses from Little Cherry and it was a breeze. The service was fast and my cat loves the dresses and the bow tie! I am highly recommending little cherry website as one of the best pet shop online I've ever seen. It is organized, easy access and offers a lot of beautiful pets clothes at affordable price. Kudos!

~Siti R, Mar'19

 The seller actually made the effort came down to my house personally when I need the items urgently. She's really nice to the extend that I don't feel that she's a seller but rather a new friend.  The items are all packed in really sweet plastic bags. 

She even gave me free bow collars for my dog and cat. My cat loves her bed. She rather sleeps on her bed rather than with me =.= I highly recommended buying from Little Cherry. I'll definitely buy from them again.

~Jamie Wong, Mar'19

Mommy is so impressed and grateful with the service of Little Cherry. At first, the two dresses were too small for me. And Little Cherry readily 
allows for returns and exchanges. The bigger dresses were delivered swiftly. 

In the end, Mommy was confident enough to get me another two dresses.  I'm so happy playing dress up with all my cute little dresses. 

Thank you Little Cherry!

Meow ~ Cinta, Feb'19

Thank you Little Cherry, Alex and Theresia for the lovely wedding dress..We are glad to have met you. 

I have ordered a wedding dress for snowy online and it didn't turn up. Just days before my wedding i started panicking as both our babies were suppose to walk the aisle as our ring bearers with their outfit. I started searching online and found little cherry's website by chance. Quickly gave Alex a call and he said the dress were available. Rushed down and quickly got the outfit for them. Alex and theresia were both very understanding and kind couple they gave us few outfit for snowy to try on. Then our big day came, everything went so perfectly well and both our babies looked amazing beautiful...Thank you to little cherry, alex and theresia for making this perfect and memorable for us. Their service and dresses are greatly recommended. As fur parents we found all the outfit they had were so adorable. We really had hard time choosing the outfits as they were all cute and unique. Thank you alex and theresia. Both of you are doing a great job.

Isabella Ross & Gaurov Dalvi, Dec'18


I am very impressed with the excellent service from Little Cherry. Not only do they offer quality, safe and durable products for sale, they also deliver very promptly with follow up and act swiftly when products received my customers are not in working condition. I have purchased from many online sellers but I must say that Little Cherry takes the cake! Here is Piglet with the best toy she has ever had and I tell you she has had very many! She also destroys them just as quickly as I can buy them. Little Cherry has helped me even to bring in 'refills' and has the most fun and engaging toys that Piglet can play with for hours! I have bought the Platypus egg toy but will save it for when she tires of this 3 Squirrel in a Trunk toy as Little Cherry helped me to get another 3 squirrels as Piglet 'killed' the first 3! Kudos to Little Cherry! Its good to know money is not the incentive in their online shop but quality service is!

Corene Teo ~ Piglet, Jul'18

YEAH! We bought a single bed for PiPi today from Little Cherry. The bolster even has a squeaking sound when pressed: ) PiPi love it.

Overall it was a pleasant experience with LittleChery. 

Thank you!!!

I am building up my closet!

Thank you Little Cherry for being patience with me. You have "wow" us again, NICE!

Poodle PiPi, Apr'18

Bought from LittleCherry, Thanks for sending the cooling pad and bow tie for Blackie.

Love it, It's Cool.


Billyboi's new suit - bought fm Little Cherry !! good service & it fits him well

Gladys Chua's Billy, Dec'17

Thanks Little Cherry for the free clicker! My Honey Baked Ham Tan loves her angel wings and cool wool jacket!

Eleana Tan, Nov'17

Cookie Koh, model of the day

Jing Wen Lah, Nov'17

OMG..!! I luv LittleCherry so much coz u guys offer classy unique togs for my baby Cavoodle, I really like ur 'eye' in selecting all the right stuff. I love the details n quality as well. My only disappointment is not many of ur designs come in bigger sizes! Anyway here's a pix of Bay Boy wearing the Angel harness I just got from you guys. Luv it and luv u guys! Please keep more coming in! Cheers Bailey Mama! 

Victoria, Aug'17

Lovely tuxedo for the furkids from the LittleCherry store! Great service!!

Definitely will patronise again and looking forward to more items!!

JOO YEO, May'17


So satisfied with my lovely apparels that I got from LittleCherry! 

So nice and fitting! Met Cherry and her mommy just now. She's so nice and helped me to try on the clothes (blush blush) : D