We understand everybody hates 'SHIPPING FEE'. While we are still unable to provide totally free shipping (one day we will), we strive to simplify and slash the shipping fee to as much as we can.

With LittleCherry, feel free to opt for registered mail (FLAT SGD3.5,-) or unregistered mail (FLAT SGD1.5,-) for apparels and other small items whereas for bulky items (e.g. Dog wall or Pee Trays) there would be a charges of Courier Service of SGD5, It would be automatically shown which option is available prior to your check out, yapp..everything is transparent.

However, there is a good news, if your purchase is worth more than SGD65,- we will do a favor for you, We will ship them for F.O.C (yap..that's FREE OF CHARGE). 


Most of LittleCherry's friend received their products within 1 to 3 working days time frame.


We are pretty flexible with return policy as we really want you to shop confidently at our little store. If for any reason you do not like our awesome products. Simply return the products in it's original condition, we understand that asking for original packaging will be to much, within 7 days and we will refund every single cent (except for the delivery fee) or exchange the product to you with no question asked. 

If you wish to return or exchange the products, feel free to contact us and we promised to make it as hassle free as possible.