Made from Nature's best Merino wool, YO-GDOGGIE Neck-Bands are extremely light, comfortable ,soft and silky. Not only your dogs will looks good, they will feel good on it too. Merino wool is well known for its superior insulation, that means, it keeps your dogs cool under the scorching temperature of Singapore. 

YO-GDOGGIE neck-band is designed and crafted for small to medium sized dogs with measurement for the neck band as below:
Size S - Neck size 18 cm
Size M - Neck size 24 cm
Size L - Neck size 26 cm
As a knitted product, each neck-band can be easily stretched up to 6 cm. It all depends on your personal preference - Whether you want it taut or slightly loose on your dogs.

Due to hygiene purpose of knitted products, items purchased are non refundable and non exchangeable. Please measure the neck circumference carefully prior to purchase.

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