Thalia Ribbon Dress




When it comes to the classic look, flowers pattern is always in season. Enjoy the delicious breezes as you walk with your furkids on the beach with a dress inspired from the all time gorgeous yukata with classic european flowerly petals.

22 cm (N), 30 cm (C), 22 cm (L)
Medium:  24 cm (N), 31 cm (C), 26 cm (L)
Large:  27 cm (N), 34 cm (C), 32 cm (L)
Xtra Large: 34 cm (N), 36 cm (C), 38 cm (L)
Xtra Xtra Large: 40 cm (N), 50 cm (C), 44 cm (L)
Pet Photography beautifully snapped by Furtographysg and special thanks for the model Momo the happy shitzu