5 signs your dog really loves you (3 mins read)


A human - dog bond is precious. It shows signs of a healthy relationship between you and your pet. If the below signs are something you witness daily, good for you, you guys are walking on the righ path! However if the below signs are not found in your dog while you live, exercise, play together, we hope this llttle article will at least bring some attention to your dog it deserves!


Sure sign 1: Your doggie makes eye contact with you

If your dog looks at another dog, it actually IS considered rude in the dog world. BUT if your dog looks at you affectionally and lock in the eye contact, what it's doing is usually out of love, and only for the favourite human! Usually the eyes will show little or no white, and it really just want to let you know how much it love you.

Give your dog a treat if it's doing this everyday when you reach home!


Sure sign 2: Tail wagging (when muscle is relax!)

Oh yes, if the dog seems stiff, but tail is wagging, be very wary! It is a sign of aggression or anger. Do not further provoke it.

However it has been confirmed scientifically, a dog with a wagging tail means it loves you and your presence. It is happy and excited to see you! Be sure to reciprocate with a small treat or just a smile!



Sure sign 3: They love the smell of your shoes (yikes!)

We all know a dog's sense of smell is one of the main means of communication. Your belonging means comfort, home, love and companionship for them. They are treating your stuff as if they are part of you! This is a very strong sign that your dog loves you so much, even the smelly shoes (dogs has great sense of smell by the way) is not deterring it from a piece of you!



Sure sign 4: They SMILE at you

When you see a dog smile, you are not imagining things. It's a proven fact that a dog really DOES smile by lifting the corner of their mouths, and they do smile with their heart! Unlike some humans where smiling can have various meaning, a dog smile is 100% sincere and truthful. If you see the mouth relaxing and opening with the corners raising upwards, that is a sure sign your dog is happy being with you!



Sure sign 5: Your dog tries to sleep with you

To a dog, sleeping means being vulnerable. Anything can happen while it leaves to visit the dream world, and that means a lot to the dog. When it sleeps next to you, not only it fully trusted you, but your dog is also taking this chance to PROTECT you while you sleep! This is a sure sign your dog is looking out for you.  

It is treating you as part of their pack (wolf instinct) and this is really a great deal for your dog. Keeping you close also means they have the opportunity to keep your body warm with theirs. You're already part of their natural instinct pack - there's no other way to show you how much they love you!



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